Heterogenous wireless sensor network management.

The sensor industry is not able to agree on using a unique standard for the wireless networks giving rise to many standards (Zigbee, z-wave, wirelessHART....). This platform manages heterogenous sensor networks as a homogeneous network by adding an abstraction layer. The user manage all the sensors as if they were deployed in a unique mesh network. The gathered information from Homesense is sent to the aaaida platform and can be used in order to develop smart alarms for elderly people. Aging population has been increasing in our society form the last decades, which results in a dependent increasing in our society from the last decades, which results in a dependent population growth.

The information from there quality of life is shared among their relatives to provide peace of mind.

Dermapat and Dermadoc

DermaPat and DermaDoc are two mobile applications to exchange photos and comments between patients and doctors about the evolution of skin diseases.

Using this type of app, the patient and the doctor are in contact anywhere, anytime, using a technological device as a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Source code translator: from high-level language to native language (C++)

It is related with mobile applications, multi-platform and cross-platform services. Concretely, Alternative is a platform that allows:

- Port virtual machine based applications to native applications in a single step.

- Improve the performance of an application as a consequence of removing virtual machine dependencies.

- Brings the concept of Write one, run everywhere, without the need of installing additional software in the target machine.


Adheptor: it is a compliance application installed in the smartphone of the patient. It is initially developed for patients with Hepatitis C. It reminds him/her to take the medication. If something is not done as it is planned, the doctor and the family are alerted through an email. This app is used by FNETH (Federación Nacional de Enfermos y Trasplantados Hepáticos, Spanish National Federation of Liver Patients and Transplanted) , and the hospital pharmacy (Unidad de Atención Farmacéutica a Pacientes Externos del servicio de farmacia) from Hospital Universitario La Fe de Valencia (Spain) (Dr Emilio Montes)

This tool helps the patient to be more confident of her/his engagement and also it helps to follow the treatment. On the other hand, the professionals and the family can track the patient evolution and keep peace of mind too. Moreover, if something goes wrong they will be informed immediately.


We are bidders of DECIPHER PCP Project, and we have successfully passed all the phases. DECIPHER PCP Project, funded under the European Commision 7th Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7), challenges the industry to develop mobile solutions that enables secure cross-border access to existing patient healthcare portals and efficient and safe medical care of mobile patients in EU member states.

These solutions shall be of special interest in the management of patients with chronic diseases or unplanned care episodes.


The careUP service enables patients affected by type 2 diabetes to manage their own medical information, obtained from the patient ́s health records of the country of affiliation (such as PA-PHR-S (Procuring Authority's Personal Health Record System) or from other PHR/EHR using standard interfaces) and share this information with health professionals who provide health care in a place other than the patient's original residence.

The architecture provided by the careUP service consists of a personal health repository (PHR), specifically tailored and a adapted to meet these needs, called CUP-PHR-S ( careUP Personal Health Record System) that provides the functionalities and services required. Additionally, the different interested parties (stakeholders) will be able to access these services through an app called the careUP app.


Preveo, is an application for smart phones launched by the VINCI Energies Spain group in 2017, which serves to report unsafe situations, incidents, near misses and accidents. The fact that it has become, by far, the way most used by the group's workers to make notifications regarding occupational safety is proof of its success. If in 2018 incident notifications through Preveo approached 80% of all communications, so far in 2019 the percentage has increased to over 85%.

In addition, the use of the application allows the security managers of the different companies to keep more complete statistics and share the information with a greater number of workers, which has a positive impact on the increase in security levels in the work environment.


This project, developed together with Ondho, for the Taurus company consists of the cloud system to which the Mycook intelligent kitchen robot connects.

This provides information on the devices, users, recipes categorized and structured in steps that can be converted into instructions for the robot, as well as their ingredients and their nutritional values.

The system includes:

  • Website with online shop and associated social network.

  • Communication layer that allows to send recipes and orders from the website and app to the robot.

  • Cross platform mobile app for ios and android.

  • Voice assistant for Alexa and Google Home.

Through the analysis of the data stored in the system, advanced functions have been developed such as:

  • Automatic nutritional calculation.

  • Automatic categorization of recipes.

  • Suggestions according to your tastes, preferences and use of the robot.

  • Identification of similar recipes through clustering.

  • Automatic translation of recipes and content to other communities.


Go.Data is a software developed by the WHO to track cases and contacts of epidemic outbreaks, such as Ebola or COVID-19.

  • We have been a reference in Catalonia during COVID, installing Go.Data in Parc Taulí and Vall d’Hebrón, as well as providing advice to the Emerging Disease Prevention and Control Service.

  • Contract with CTTI and the Department of Health for the development of an API that allows the integration between Go.Data and their internal systems.

  • Project with the WHO for the pseudonymization of Go.Data: Development of a browser extension to encrypt / decrypt sensitive Go.Data fields from public and private keys, as well as the development of a DRM license server for Go.Data.

Casal A Casa

Developed jointly with the Terrassa Health Consortium (CST), Casal a Casa is a system for organizing both online and face-to-face activities.

The objective is to energize the elderly as well as promote their socialization, avoiding unwanted loneliness.

The system offers hundreds of activities organized by municipalities and entities, as well as the possibility of generating online events and activities by the users themselves.

The system is crossplatform, working on mobile and android phones as well as in web version:


Childhood obesity is reaching worrying figures that Primary Care Centers across the country encounter daily. That is why, it is decided to create a mobile application to improve the healthy habits of minors, through the monitoring and control of nurses and pediatricians through the use of this application.

Route Injector

Fast API Prototyper

We have developed Route-Injector.

The objective of this open source framework is, starting from a model definition generate a extensible API and administration panel that can be customised to your needs.